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Student Life

Student Life: Activities

Dress Code

The teachers at KIPP want to make sure that KIPP scholars are able to focus on school and are not distracted by what they or their teammates are wearing. The school uniform not only allows students to focus on learning and look professional, but also unites all students as a KIPP Bloom Primary community. KIPPsters will receive one free polo shirt at kindergarten orientation. After that, uniforms are available for sale in the main office. You can also send your KIPPster to school with a uniform order form and the main office will fulfill the order by the end of the school day. The uniform consists of the following.

  • Grey KIPP Bloom Primary pullover sweatshirt or navy blue cardigan

  • Navy blue pants, skirts, or jumpers (no track bottoms or jeans)

  • Yellow long or short sleeve KIPP Bloom Primary polo

  • Any color sneakers with a rubber bottom

Typical Schedule

As one of over one hundred KIPP schools around the country, KIPP Bloom Primary believes that more time in the classroom leads to greater results for our KIPPsters. KIPPsters participate in an extended school day that runs from 7:50am – 4:00pm daily, with the exception of Friday, when we dismiss at 2:00pm.

Doors Open                                            7:30am
Breakfast Served           7:30am – 7:55am
Class Begins                                          8:00am
Monday – Thursday Dismissal    4:00pm
Friday Dismissal                                  2:00pm

Every day KIPPsters start their morning off welcoming each other and building their community through morning meeting.  In combination with math, reading, and writing, KIPPsters also learn various practices to help them self regulate through calm classroom strategies. We believe in learning through the creative arts, so every KIPPster participates in an enrichment block of either music or art.  

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One of the keys to success at KIPP Bloom Primary is the partnership between families and the school. Having a family member involved in helping with homework is an essential way to support your KIPPster through school, especially during their kindergarten year. As our KIPPsters will be on the path towards success in middle school, high school, college, and beyond, we ask that families have daily involvement in their KIPPster’s academic and behavior progress. At KIPP Bloom Primary, we expect the following things to take place every day –

• Homework is completed by KIPPster (a packet for the week will go home each Monday with pages labeled for each day of the week)
• A family member reads with their KIPPster for 20 minutes and fills out the reading log attached to the homework packet every night
• A family member signs the behavior chart daily
• School newsletters, flyers, and reminders are read and responded to when necessary. 

Arrival & Dismissal

Your KIPPster’s safety and education are our top priority. The staff at KIPP works hard to develop arrival and dismissal procedures that ensure that every KIPPster remains safe at all times. 


KIPP’s doors open at 7:30am each morning. KIPPsters will not be supervised or allowed into the building before that time so please plan to wait with your KIPPster if you happen to arrive early. To limit the amount of additional moving parts, parents are not allowed to enter the building with their KIPPsters. Your KIPPster is in great hands!


All KIPPsters will be dismissed at 4:00pm Monday through Thursday, and at 2:00pm on Friday. Please make sure someone is here to pick up your KIPPster within 15 minutes of dismissal every day. 

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