Teachers & Staff

"Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning."


Tessa Catlett


Kindergarten Team


Kindergarten Teacher + Social Emotional Learning Chair

Claire Grossheim

Kindergarten Teacher



Kindergarten Teacher + Grade Level Chair


Kindergarten Teacher

Ricarda Bloom

Kindergarten Teacher

Margaret Leiby

Kindergarten Teacher

Ciera Jamison

Kindergarten Teacher

Danielle Stuckey


Darnell Dixon


Jasmine Cooper


1st Grade Team


1st Grade Teacher + Grade Level Chair

LA Ellis

1st Grade Teacher

Alicia Miller

1st Grade Teacher

Emily Schwartz

1st Grade Teacher

Liz Schultz

1st Grade Resident

Bryanna Ross


Pariz Robinson


Specials, Diverse Learners & Communications


Music Teacher

Ryan Booker

Art Teacher

Angelica London

Diverse Learners Teacher

Jan'l Bell

Director of Student and Family Engagement

Brittanee Smith

Case Manager

Ashley Stone

English Learner Case Manager

Bridget Flores




School Operations Leader

Miles Kilgallon

Operations Manager

Sierra Byers

Office Manager

Duvann Hopkins

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